1st Colorado city bans pot shops

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The Boulder County town of Superior is the first in Colorado to ban medical marijuana shops after a state law last week allowed such actions.

Superior town council members voted 6-0 Monday to ban dispensaries. Other towns, including Vail, are moving quickly toward banning marijuana dispensaries.

Gov. Bill Ritter signed a law last week that allows cities to ban marijuana shops, or make moratoriums permanent. Before that, many cities banned pot shops through moratoriums or by denying business licenses, but state law was silent on whether that was permitted.

Medical marijuana advocates have vowed to challenge local dispensary bans in court.

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One Response to 1st Colorado city bans pot shops

  1. So, great!

    Let’s support the local drug dealers again and not even get taxes! People will still use the stuff and will still get it, only illegally. Does Superior think otherwise? Boulder County liberals should be ashamed of them selves – just think what those same people would say if Superior banned abortion! Maybe abortion by coat-hanger and pot by criminals are different, but same principal to me – constiutionally allowed activity, and as such, let’s regulate and tax appropriately. Oh, and why not make the lawyers richer while we are at it?

    Chuck Armstrong
    June 15, 2010 at 11:37 am