New Energy Economy attracting venture capital

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Colorado’s New Energy Economy is not only creating jobs, it’s attracting venture capital over and above neighboring states.

A study conducted by nonprofit research group Headwaters Economics based in Bozeman, Mont., compared clean energy development in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. The results released showed that in 2008 more than $450 million in venture capital was invested in Colorado, while less than $5 million was invested in Utah and New Mexico.

In Colorado, green jobs have grown by about 30 percent since 1995 – a time when overall job growth was only 19 percent, according to the study.

“Whatever metric you choose to look at, whether it’s the number of jobs or enterprises that have been created, or the amount of investment in terms of private venture capital as well as public investment that are coming to the states, Colorado stands out as a clear leader among its regional neighbors and peers,” said Julia Haggerty, research associate with Headwaters.

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