City to begin street-median maintenance

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City officials announced today that contracted lawn crews will begin limited maintenance on street medians.

Median mowing and watering had been cut from the 2010 budget, but officials said unexpected salary savings will allow mowing, irrigation, fertilization and weed spraying.

Medians that will receive maintenance are:

• Cascade Avenue (from Fountain Boulevard to Jackson Street),
• Centennial Boulevard (3600-5200 Blocks),
• Cresta Road (Stardust to La Veta),
• Culebra Avenue at Culebra Place,
• Kiowa Street (El Paso Street to Institute),
• East LaSalle Street at East Madison Street,
• East LaSalle Street at East Monroe Street,
• Nevada Avenue (Las Animas Street to the 3200 Block of N. Nevada),
• Paseo Road at East Monroe Street,
• Platte Avenue (Wahsatch Street to Hancock Avenue)
• Printers Parkway (Pikes Peak Avenue to Sequoia),
• Rockrimmon Boulevard (Delmonico to Windchimes),
• Flintridge (Academy to Montebello)
• Union Boulevard (5800 Block to Woodmen),
• Wahsatch Avenue (Costilla to Jackson),
• Willamette (Cascade to Institute ), and
• Wood Avenue (Uintah to Columbia)

3 Responses to City to begin street-median maintenance

  1. Thank goodness! I hope it’s not to late to save the trees that are stressed and dying.

    Denise Schall
    June 25, 2010 at 11:17 am

  2. It was a wonderful surprise to get off work and drive down Cascade avenue going north and see the grass in the mediums looking a bit more green. Then last evening I saw the sprinklers watering the grass on the mediums. Thank you for restoring the maintenance to the various mediums and small park areas. The care of the grass and flowers in the mediums and small park areas is an asset to the city when there are so many visitors who travel here and get to view such a beauitful sight.

    June 25, 2010 at 1:24 pm

  3. It makes me sick that they were cut in the first place. I do recall that a portion of our neighborhood property taxes pay for common area maintenance. When the city takes all of those allotted funds and appropriates them to other programs instead, we suffer. Now we are thanking them for deciding to use them for their original purpose. Thank you city government for caring about us little people.

    June 26, 2010 at 2:43 pm