Tancredo seeking third-party nomination

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Former GOP congressman Tom Tancredo is seeking a third-party nomination to enter the Colorado governor’s race.

In a terse, one-sentence announcement, Tancredo said “I am going to seek the nomination of the American Constitution Party for governor of Colorado.”

Tancredo says Republican candidates Scott McInnis and Dan Maes have no chance of beating Democrat John Hickenlooper in November and he needs time to mount a campaign.

Tancredo will register his new party affiliation later with the Colorado Secretary of State and the party will form a vacancy committee to put him on the ballot by the end of the week.

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One Response to Tancredo seeking third-party nomination

  1. It seems that all of these problems that have surfaced could had been resolved earlier, however there has been plenty of denial that our party has problems from within. There have been plenty of attacks towards libertarians on conservative radio, plenty of money thrown around on signs without much true dialogue towards our populations concerns and a lot of disconnect. We have not come together for quite some time and it seems that many believe (mostly coming out from business as usual out of DC) that signs and names will win elections. The people are tired of individuals with fancy clothes, signs, names, and marketing quimmicks. They want real substance and a break from the same defense war talk 24/7. It’s amost “cliche” to keep the same rethoric slogan that we are fighting for our freedoms when in reality we have less freedoms, less money, less jobs, less overall liberities with corporations and banking interests running the country and yes less real substance. No, McGuinness is not perfect and neither is Dan Maes but this is not the time to have cat fights for our time is running out. We do not have perfect candidates at the moment but we could work with them. We could accept their mistakes and from now on hold them accountable but not confuse things at this point. Anything is better than the total “socialist” program that will be coming to us by the democrat party. Our entire country is confused and disconnected but by design for we are on the road block for being globalised and entangled for a future centralized non-free kind of government. Many of the problems are due to the fact that voters became dormant or sleep at the wheel. We no longer can depend on the forces that brought us candidates. We must grow new grass roots candidates right here and train new leaders to run in all of our future elections. We no longer can depend on anyone that has ties to Washington DC for its all entangled in inimcal lobby and interests that care not for the American people or our Constitutional Republic but only money and predatory insanity. $$$

    Theresa Niel
    July 27, 2010 at 7:22 am