DIA unveils design plan

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Denver International Airport unveiled a $650 million design proposal for its south terminal today.

DIA’s tents over its main terminal will be framed by the east and west wings of a new, seven-story hotel at its south end. Under the hotel are two open-air plazas covered by glass canopies that allow light  into the interior of a new train station and bus terminal.

The airport will spend the next few months doing a cost analysis of the design and taking it to the Denver City Council for approval.

The airport plans to sell bonds this fall to support the project. The bonds will be repaid from with money from airport revenues, including income from parking at the airport, concessions, mineral rights for oil and gas that lies under airport land, facility rentals, the new hotel and the “Passenger Facility Charges” that airlines pay DIA to use the airport.

No taxpayer money will be used to repay the bonds.