D-49 asks for bond issue to relieve overcrowding

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The Falcon School District 49 will ask voters to approve a $125 million bond issue in November.

The board of education voted yesterday to put the issue on the ballot to finance capital needs from overcrowding.

The district reports that it is at 103 percent of capacity in nearly every school. Thirteen schools are higher than 100 percent, and three are more than 90 percent. Growth rates in the district have reached 14 percent in recent years – 3 percent last year alone. Current project shows that every school will be at capacity within three years, and five of the nine elementary schools will be at 170 percent capacity or higher.

The bond will finance an additional 3,500 seats across the district, including a new 400-student wing at Falcon High School and a new 600-student elementary school near Falcon Middle School. Vista Ridge High School needs a new 400-student wing, auditorium auxiliary gyms and athletic fields. A new 900-student kindergarten-eighth grade school is needed at Indigo Ranch.

In addition, the bond will build new 900-student capacity at Horizon Middle School to alleviate overcrowding at Skyview Middle School, a 300-student middle school near Woodmen Hills Elementary to alleviate crowing at Falcon Middle School and 25 new classrooms across the district.

School officials say the cost of the bond is less than $3.25 a month for every $100,000 in property value for district homeowners.

2 Responses to D-49 asks for bond issue to relieve overcrowding

  1. I am a resident of Meridian Ranch and have a daughter who attends a D-20 high school. My household fully supports this bond issue because it’s a $117 annual investment I’m willing to make for our future leaders. D-49 has done a tremendous job building the education infrastructure over the last couple of years. Glad to see it continuing.

    Jill Webb
    August 15, 2010 at 10:29 am

  2. I would support this bill if it were a flat rate for everyone, but to charge me based on the value of my house is not a fair division cost. Why should I be charged more because of the value of my house, when a neighbor has four kids and a house with a value of 1/3 or more less than mine. I pay more for my one child while they pay less for their four (herein lies part of the problem with our school systems). If it were the same across the board I would vote for it, but since it is not…

    September 29, 2010 at 12:18 pm