First state program begins to cover uninsured

In the first step implementing health care reform, about 200 people will begin receiving medical care today from GettingUSCovered, a state program for people with pre-existing medical conditions who were turned down by traditional insurance companies.

The three-year program is a partnership between Rocky Mountain Health Plans, CoverColroado, and the U.S. Deaprtment of Health and Human Services. it is paid for by individual premiums and subsidized with federal funding.

The program started taking applications in July, and have approvved177 applications for approval. Another 28 are pending approval after completing paperwork.

Applicants range in age from 20 to 64, and some are working without benefits, some are self-employed and some are recently unemployed.

Getting US Covered is Colorado’s answer to federal high-risk pool reququirements. Colorado received $90 million out of $5 billion allocated to states to fund the program.

Coverage will eventually be expanded to 4,000 currently uninsured people.

GettingUSCovered is a temporary program. In 2014, all individuals should be able to buy health insurance without regard to pre-existing conditions.

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