Ritter making Supreme Court appointment today

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Gov. Bill Ritter will announce a new appointment to the Colorado Supreme Court.

Ritter planned to make the announcement at 2:30 p.m. today.

A nominating commission interviewed applicants for a vacancy on the Colorado Supreme Court. Chief Justice Mary J. Mullarkey announced in June that she would retire at the end of November.

The commission made recommendations to the governor.

One Response to Ritter making Supreme Court appointment today

  1. Unfortunately, Governor Ritter’s selection of Ms. Marquez will only serve to further erode public confidence in a Colorado Supreme Court already damaged by a decade of highly-politicized, anti-constitutional rulings, since she lacks any judicial experience and seems to have built her entire career on policy & political activism.

    Many of the positions taken by Ms. Marquez on constitutional issues raise concerns about how she might rule from the Colorado Supreme Court bench. Marquez advocated in favor of the 2003 judicial takeover of legislative redistricting authority in the Salazar v. Davidson redistricting case, argued that “fees” are not taxes in the Barber v. Ritter case (which led to the 2009 Colorado Car Tax – er, vehicle registration “fee” – increases), and has sought to restrict the 1st Amendment rights of citizens seeking to speak out on ballot issues in recent and ongoing cases. She is also the lead attorney in yet another attempt to impose an unconstitutional tax increase on Colorado Citizens.

    We hope that we are proven wrong in our concerns and Ms. Marquez will overcome the habits of a lifetime career of political activism and advocacy to become a fair, impartial judge who upholds the rule of law; in any case, the ultimate decision on her judicial performance will be rendered by Colorado voters in two years when she stands for retention following her initial, “probationary” term of office.

    In the meantime, Colorado voters have the opportunity to render their verdict on the three remaining incumbent Colorado Supreme Court justices on this year’s ballot who are seeking an additional TEN year term in office.

    Vote “NO” on the incumbent ‘unjust justices’ of the Mullarkey Majority, and Clear The Bench, Colorado!”

    CTBC Director
    September 8, 2010 at 9:17 pm