High-performing workers jumping ship as opportunity grows

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Fifty four percent of employers reported losing high-performing workers during the first half of the year.

Apparently, they’re leaving for better offers as businesses are quickening their hiring pace again,according to the survey by Right Management, a talent and career management consulting firm.

About 18 percent of companies reported that workers quit, but that they were able to replace them.

The firm analyzed more than 550 responses via a poll at right.com.

“We know there are a lot of unhappy and dissatisfied employees as a result of the ongoing recession,” said David Hughes, market vice president at Right Management. “It is critically important for organizations to focus on top performers who are responsible for a significant percentage of the work that gets done. They are more inclined to walk out the door if they have the opportunity, and as business conditions improve, such opportunities will also increase.”

Employers should be “in tune” with employees at both individual and collective levels.

“One key component of that includes career discussions with individual employees,” he said. “Employers need to know what their workers are thinking, and what they want from their careers and align this with the direction of the business.”

“An organization’s talent is often a company’s only differentiator,” he said. “And high-performing employees are key to executing their business strategy. The viability of the business is at risk when work force strategies and talent plans are ignored.”