Global Energy Summit at Broadmoor next year

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Colorado Springs will host the Global Energy Summit next year, marking the first time the summit has been held outside of New Mexico since its inception.

The conference is scheduled for April 2011 at The Broadmoor and focuses on new energy leadership from science, industry, policy and finance. Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Texas are part of this regional group.

On Monday, Mayor Lionel Rivera is expected to talk about the decision to hold the event at The Broadmoor and its significance to attracting alternative energy companies to the Pikes Peak region.

One Response to Global Energy Summit at Broadmoor next year

  1. if we want to attract new companies to our town i have the following suggestions:

    1. Open the way fully for third party financing soloutions for renewable energy projects. Current policies do not allow that as only colorado springs utilities is allowed to sell electrictity in town. This does cost the taxpayer no money but would open financing solotions to non profits and residential property owners.

    2. create a program in the city which would allow home and building owners to borrow money for energy effciency measures and the repayment of these funds would be done via a property tax assesment. What would that achieve?
    a) jobs would be created with HVAV, construction industries, etc.
    b) our city would gain a greener image
    c would save home and building owners money as most enery effciency measures have a payback below 7 years
    d) would not cost the tax payer money as the city or the county would charge their cost of funds plus admin costs to teh borrowers.
    e) higher sales tax income for county and city..

    a win win for all a greener image which could attract companies at no cost to the tax payer..

    but that would take vision and initiative which I fail to spot in our town at teh moment..

    September 17, 2010 at 3:10 pm