Christo urges consideration of artistic benefits

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The team for the artist Christo is urging federal land managers to consider his background as they review his proposal to suspend large fabric panels over parts of the Arkansas River.

Christo’s team submitted comments this month to the Bureau of Land Management saying Christo and his late wife, Jeanne-Claude, have had success with past temporary artwork, including suspending a huge curtain in Rifle.

Now Christo wants to temporarily suspend 5.9 miles worth of fabric over eight spots along the Arkansas for his project, Over the River.

The BLM has issued a draft statement of environmental impacts of the proposal and is reviewing public comments on it before deciding whether to issue a permit for it or to allow only a smaller version.

One Response to Christo urges consideration of artistic benefits

  1. There is nothing Christo can do to improve the artistic beauty that God created on this river. He needs to take his weirdness somewhere else. How can any one believe that hanging some sheets over the river is artistic? What a load of B-S!!!

    As a trout fisherman, I know that any shadow on the water will spook the trout. Can you imagine what is going to happen when you hang miles of sheets over the river, flapping and csting moving shadows on the river? It will be an eco disaster. And, probably everyone will be banned from that part of the river where he hangs his abdomination.

    September 22, 2010 at 9:53 am