CSU Foundation reports tech transfer success

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Colorado State University researchers have increased the number of newly developed inventions and technology transfer to Colorado businesses during the past five years by 150 percent.

The results, published as part of a Colorado State University Research Foundation report, show that annual invention disclosures grew steadily from 42 in five years ago to 119 during the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

The foundation which aids the university with intellectual property patenting and licensing management, real estate and financing of equipment has played a key role in supporting technology transfer in three “Supercluster” disciplines: clean energy, infectious disease, and cancer research. In those areas, new technologies increased six-fold over the five-year period, from 10 in 2006 to 60 in 2010.

And of the university’s 158 total new technologies, more than 72 percent went to Colorado entities, according to the research foundation.

The report underscored the importance of technology transfer as an economic engine in Colorado.

The university has helped create more than 30 start-up companies based on CSU research innovation over the past 15 years, said Mark Wdowik, president and CEO of CSU Management Corp., a subsidiary of the private, non-profit CSU Ventures Inc.

About 20 of those 30 companies were formed just in the last five years.

“Our startups have produced about 1,300 peak jobs, raised $700 million in private equity and debt, and procured $80 million in government funding,” Wdowik said.