Statewide college tuition hikes expected

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Students could soon learn details of plans to raise tuition at Colorado state colleges and universities.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education is expected to release the plans Wednesday.

Department spokeswoman Dawn Taylor Owens tells the Pueblo Chieftain that the Colorado School of Mines was the only eligible school that hasn’t asked for permission to raise tuition above the 9 percent hike allowed by state lawmakers.

Details of Colorado State University’s proposal have already been released. It could lead to students paying 20 percent more a year.

CSU is planning to help cover the loss of stimulus funds with a 9 percent tuition hike but it says it needs permission to go even higher in case state lawmakers cut funding even more.

2 Responses to Statewide college tuition hikes expected

  1. Maybe it is time to review budgets, spending and the role of universities and schools. Education inflation and health care inflation in our country have gone up 2-3 times faster then average prices.

    Salaries, building costs and utilitieshave not gone up at this rate so it has to be extra services which make our education system spend each year more then the pace of inflation.

    Therefore maybe we should look at probably increased buerocracy, social services and other non educational items in the spending budgets and cut these first before we increase tuitions by close to 20%..

    I for one do not get a 20% hike in salary and the average joe if he is lucky sees a 1-3% increase in wages,,, so maybe it is time to cut fat before it becomes unaffordable for us to send out kids to school.

    October 6, 2010 at 12:13 pm

  2. It’s a bummer to hear that college tuition costs are rising when there are so many people who are finding it difficult to budget college in. Hopefully the additional 20% doesn’t deter people further.

    Sarah Says
    October 6, 2010 at 2:23 pm