Memorial debate: The pros, cons

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What governance model might work best for Memorial Health System?

There are eight options under consideration; the pros and cons of each are many.

Among the alternatives: the city could do nothing. That seems unlikely, though the city could decide to go no further than killing the mill levy, thereby achieving its primary goal of eliminating any potential exposure to taxpayers in case Memorial runs into financial trouble.

It also could create a stand-alone nonprofit, which officials assert would allow Memorial to become more of a regional health center, but which could also mean higher operating costs.

On the other hand, affiliating with an existing nonprofit could help offset those costs, but means stripping away local control.

The Memorial Citizens’ Commission has spent months sorting though the advantages and disadvantages of each option. How might the commission vote? That will have to wait until Nov. 22, when it makes public its recommendation to the City Council. The public will get its say in the April election.

Until then, click here for a side-by-side comparison of the pros and cons.