Clinton headlines Bennet rally in Colorado

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Former President Bill Clinton is leading a rally for Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet after backing Bennet’s Democratic challenger in the primary.

Clinton headlines a Denver rally for Bennet Monday night.

Clinton is on a nationwide campaign swing to promote Democratic candidates. On Sunday, Clinton was in California stumping for Democratic candidates for governor and Congress.

During Colorado’s Senate primary, Clinton made the rare step of a former president not backing an incumbent senator from his own party when he backed Bennet’s primary opponent, Andrew Romanoff. But Bennet beat Romanoff and now faces a tough fight against Republican Ken Buck.

One Response to Clinton headlines Bennet rally in Colorado

  1. Coloradoans have two very poor candidates for US Senate.
    For Colorado Democrats the Theft of our Primary for Bennet by Obama and the resulting “split” in our party has caused serious support problems for down ticket candidates such as Hickenlooper. All caused by our State Party Leaders allowing Obama to pick the winner of our Senate Primary.

    We cannot allow the division caused by the theft of our Senate Nomination to occur again. This campaign season has been so divisive that one wonders what good can come of it. Fortunately, Democrats know that Honest Primaries must be had if we want Honest General Elections to follow and that the Greatest Good that can be achieved from the US Senate race is Getting Back Our Honest Democratic Primaries.

    To make sure our 2012 Democratic Primary is Honest Romanoff supporters will need to send a very powerful message to Obama and Corrupt State and National Democratic Party officials which you can do by WRITING-IN “Romanoff” Or Leaving the Space next to Bennet’s name “BLANK”
    They WILL Get the message

    John H Kennedy, Denver CO
    October 18, 2010 at 10:08 am