Penrose ranks in top 10 nationwide for specialty treatments

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Penrose-St. Francis Health Services is ranked among the top 10 percent in the nation for several of its specialty treatments.

HealthGrades, an independent health care ratings organization, found that the hospital ranks high in orthopedics, pulmonary care, critical care services, general surgery, cardiac care, stroke care and gastrointestinal medical treatments.

All 5,000 hospitals in the nation were included in the study, which examined mortality and complication rates from government data for 2007-2009.

American households are now the second-largest payer of health care services, second only to the federal government, and are outspending private businesses, according to HealthGrades.

The public is demanding increased public reporting of quality measures, and recent government reform efforts support this call to action.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 40 percent of adults polled said there are major differences in hospital quality in their immediate geographical area. Additionally, since 1996, the number of consumers that indicated they would choose a hospital based on a high-quality rating over familiarity has increased to 72 percent from 59 percent.