Penrose trauma center verified by American College of Surgeons

The trauma center at Penrose-St. Francis Health Services was verified as a level II center by the American College of Surgeons.

The ACS verification doesn’t certify trauma centers, but provides confirmation that the centers provide high-quality care. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is responsible for trauma center designations.

Level II centers must provide care for complex and severe trauma cases. Emergency room doctors and nurses must be immediately available to the patient. A surgeon must also be available when the patient arrives in the emergency department.

“Trauma care doesn’t begin when the patient arrives at the hospital,” said Dr. Roger Nagy, medical director of the Penrose-St. Francis trauma program. “Care begins when someone calls 911. Prevention also plays an important part. Wearing your seatbelt and using the appropriate helmet when participating in outdoor activities has been shown to significantly reduce injuries.”

St. Francis Medical Center is designated as a Level IV Trauma Center by the CDPHE.