A thing of beauty: Business booming at Genesis Medspa

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Dr. Lisa Jenks delivers a Botox cosmetic injection on a client to relax her forehead muscles and reduce wrinkles.

Dr. Lisa Jenks delivers a Botox cosmetic injection on a client to relax her forehead muscles and reduce wrinkles.

Weeping teenagers suffering an acne breakout, women in their 50s looking to erase the lines of time, job-hunters going up against younger competitors.

They all walk through the door at the Genesis Medspa in Colorado Springs, which opened three years ago and is expecting to see a 50-percent increase in revenues this year despite the down economy.

Business is so good, Dr. Lisa Jenks, the owner and medical director, now has three full-time and eight part-time employees on her payroll.

Genesis Medspa clients are mostly women but men make up about 12 percent of those seeking such services as Botox injections and laser therapy.

“I think the recession has many middle-aged people suddenly back out in the workforce looking for jobs and they are up against younger people,” Jenks said. “They are looking to do what they can to look and appear younger.”

In that quest to look younger, it seems people are turning to chemical peels, injectables and lasers more than cosmetic plastic surgeries, which are down 20 percent nationwide since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Instead, the top three cosmetic procedures of choice are Botox injections, soft tissue filler and chemical peels.

Plastic surgery, of course, remains expensive, quickly reaching the thousands of dollars. One Botox treatment, on the other hand, can cost as little as $210.

“I think as the public becomes more educated about Botox and about fillers, they are understanding there is something to do before, or in place of, plastic surgery,” Jenks said.

Jenks was an emergency room doctor, as was her husband, before she opened Genesis Medspa. But after the birth of their third child, working in the ER was too hectic, so she opted to stay home and occasionally volunteer at a medical clinic that treated the poor. Five years ago she started taking classes and workshops in the field of aesthetic medicine and was hooked. She loved the prospect of owning her own business and opened the business in 2007.

Had Jenks opened in Los Angeles, Chicago or even Denver’s Cherry Creek area, her biggest problem would have been competition, she said. In Colorado Springs, the biggest issue is educating the public, especially about Botox or other injectables like Juvederm, which is used to pump up the lip line. People fear looking stiff or plastic, she said.

“I think being a female myself, I have a much better understanding and feel, of what most females want to look like,” said Jenks, who has used Botox and the other fillers on herself and her staff. “I take a good amount of time communicating with each person, so I get a clear understanding of the results they want.”

Of course, she cannot make a 60-year-old look like a 30-year-old. And she is not afraid to tell someone when she thinks they have had too many Botox injections.

Business, she expects, will continue to be good.

“There is an increased awareness among young people that the sooner they start, the more they will be able to prevent waking up at the age of 50, looking in the mirror and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, there is my mother.’ “