Senate candidates spend last day along Front Range

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On the final day of Senate campaigning, both candidates are concentrating where the most votes are – along the Front Range.

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet and Republican Ken Buck both were hitting the Denver area Monday on the eve of a close election.

Buck was traveling in the opposite direction, starting in Fort Collins and wrapping up his campaign in the Denver suburbs.

Bennet also appeared on conservative talk radio station KHOW after being chastised for avoiding interviews but he cut his appearance short to only 40 seconds.

Asked why Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter decided not to run for re-election, he said it was because of his family. Bennet also mistakenly said at first that he didn’t support Ritter’s chief of staff, Stephanie Villafuerte, for U.S. Attorney.

“I didn’t vote for her, she didn’t come up for a vote,” Bennet said when asked about Villafuerte.

When host Peter Boyles said that he and Sen. Mark Udall had supported a “blue card” vote to advance her nomination, Bennet said “I don’t think I gave it… I did, I did because I thought she was qualified for the job.”