Workforce Center offering grants of $15,000 for green training

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The Pikes Peak Workforce Center is sponsoring a new program that provides up to $15,000 for local companies to train employees in issues related to energy efficiency.

The program is offered through a partnership between the PPWFC and the State Energy Sector Partnership. The organizations hope to encourage local companies across a wide range of sectors to apply for funding.

About $177,000 in grants is being offered.

There’s a lot of leeway about who will be considered for the grants,” said Felicia Barbera, green jobs coordinator for PPWFC.

“Companies involved in construction, retrofits, renewable energy power, electric buses, or anything related are encouraged to apply.  They could be involved in biofuels, recycling programs, energy efficiency assessments, or produce environmentally sustainable products. We’re trying to make the process transparent and give an opportunity for as many people to apply as possible.”

While the PPWFC has a list of more than 80 approved training courses, Barbera invited companies to make suggestions for additional training opportunities.

“Even if they’re not sure about a role for their business, we want them to take a look because there’s a great chance the company will meet the requirements,” she said. “We’re hopeful companies will be inspired to create new green jobs in a variety of sectors. We also hope it will contribute to the bottom line so they can not only retain workers, but in the best-case scenario, create more jobs.”

The deadline to apply is Nov. 30, and awards will be announced on Dec. 7.

For more information, visit, click the Business Services tab and then Energy Sector Partnerships.