Hickenlooper seeks ideas for Colorado’s problems

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Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper is continuing his meetings aimed at getting ideas from Coloradans on important issues.

The governor-elect’s transition team is asking people attending a meeting in Broomfield today to offer some ideas to jump-start the economy.

The transition teams have already met with residents in Durango, Frisco, Greeley and Castle Pines.

Spokesman Eric Brown says meetings are focusing on water, land use, education, health care and other issues important to the new administration.

A total of 11 meetings are planned around the state and suggestions from them will be passed on to Hickenlooper.

5 Responses to Hickenlooper seeks ideas for Colorado’s problems

  1. Please return to your roots as a microbrewer.

    Work to alleviate taxes that discourage hiring (obamacare beyond your realm but the $600.
    imposition a job killer).

    In CO-unemployment taxes go up on headcount-eliminate this.

    We’re in a vicious cycle where unemployment extended
    taxes raised on employers as a result
    Unemployment accelerates

    robert posch
    November 17, 2010 at 11:51 am

  2. Dear Mr Sanctuary City Mayor of Denver,
    Crack down on the Criminal Invasion of latinos that are crippling our economy with their demands for more and more free services, education, health care without paying taxes.

    Denver Health is considered a destination hospital to the Mexicans that need free health care according the people that work there.

    Recent articles have pointed out the millions upon millions of dollars that these Criminal Invaders are costing us.

    As a small businessman, I know they are not paying their share of taxes because they may not know English, but they all know how to say ‘no taxes’ when they buy something.

    As for doing jobs that Americans won’t do, try to find a roofing company that has a crew that speaks English. Since nobody has been paying attention, these Criminals have been moving up the food chain.

    Try to buy a hamburger and find a store where they speak clear English. No wonder our young people can’t find work.

    Look at Mexico’s second largest source of revenue, the $20B+ that comes in from expats sending money home from the US. Just think of what good that would do for our economy in Colorado if it stayed here instead of going down to Mexico.

    With 20M Criminal Invaders living here and more coming every year, if you turn this into a sanctuary state like you did Denver, you will bury us.

    If we can identify them as a Criminal Invader and everyone that is here without documentation is by definition, a criminal, then we pack them up and ship them home. What is so hard about that? The bus industry would love the business to take them to El Paso one way and we would all benefit by not them drain our society. Paying for the buses would be cheaper than the theft of services that they cost us.

    November 17, 2010 at 1:02 pm

  3. Colorado is blessed with abundant natural resources that should be reasonably developed for the benefit of its residents. Our new State administration should develop energy policy that is friendly to competent producers.

    Chris G. Mendrop
    November 17, 2010 at 1:33 pm

  4. Improve the infrastructure and transportation, to include high speed trains up and down the front range, widen hwy’s and include train and mass transit into the mountain areas. This will help attract people and industry to Colorado. Set up transitioning to electric cars and or hydrogen engines for transportation. Go outside the box and have a vision for the 22nd Century.

    Larry Davis
    November 17, 2010 at 2:20 pm

  5. I would be happy if they would just widen I25 between and Colorado Springs. Instead, they are more worried about I70 (again).

    All that high speed trains, electric cars and mass transit is untenable in a low density state like this. Do you want to raise taxes even more? Who do you think can pay for that? Oh, that’s right, this state is so affluent we can just add on a couple more cents in gas taxes and sales taxes. Get real.

    Where do you get juice for electric cars? Remember the Hindenburg? Hydrogen is even worse than gasoline for combustibility.

    That’s thinking out of the box alright… right out there with moonbeam Jerry Brown.

    Attracting more people into Colorado which doesn’t have enough water to sustain the population currently here will basically ruin Colorado and make just another ho-hum boring big city. Most of us love Colorado because it is NOT big cities with all of the problems of crime, high taxes, unemployment, high cost of living.

    If you want that kind of living why not move to California, Chicago or somewhere in the in-bred Northeast?

    I still say, reduce the population of Criminal Invaders freeloading off of the rest of us and we can improve everyone’s lot.

    November 17, 2010 at 4:45 pm