Memorial Commission issues final report

As expected, the Memorial Citizens’ Commission’s final report recommends turning Memorial Health System into an independent nonprofit, but it also makes allowances for local control and for the city to receive financial remuneration.

The commission made its presentation to the Colorado Springs City Council this afternoon during its informal meeting. Mayor Lionel Rivera has signaled a vote could come on the measure in December or January.

The commission, in addition to recommending that Memorial become an independent nonprofit hospital system, also recommended that the hospital continue providing indigent care, partner with other community health and social service providers and provide routine quality of care reports.

Other recommendations include: The majority of the board should be comprised of local residents; that the chairman of the board make an annual report to the community every year – addressing quality of care, financial condition, statistics of services used, and the level of charity care provided.

The nine-member commission recommended that the city approve the sale, merger, consolidation or other changes, and that the city have an interest in the assets so that if the hospital were to be sold in the future, the city’s “historical ownership interest in the value of the assets” would be maintained.

The report recommended the city receive a financial return on its investment, but left open the ways that return could be given: lease of assets, payment in lieu of taxes, a direct contribution to the city or contributions to a foundation involved in public health.

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