Group plans local climate change protest

A local group is planning a protest tomorrow in opposition to the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference in Cancun.

The group, Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, will be meeting at the Retired Enlisted Associated at 834 Emory Circle in the Springs at 6 p.m. to protest “alarmism” about global warming, and its cost to taxpayers.

Called the Hot Air Tour, the group is also planning protests in Grand Junction and Loveland.

“Coloradans are fed up with the Washington bureaucrats that re trying to run our lives with their plan to regulate carbon emissions,” said AFP Colorado State Director Jeff Crank. “Many Coloradans are hurting economically and can’t afford to pay higher prices for food and gas while bureaucrats fly around the world to dictate their agenda.”

The group will broadcast a Webcast featuring AFP President Tim Phillips. The live webcast can be viewed here.

One Response to Group plans local climate change protest

  1. We now know that this is about redistribution of wealth on a world wide scale – not clean air. The countries with the repressive, progressive socialist governments are looking for hand outs in the form of carbon credit money from the sucessful, capitalist governments. Rather than change their bad government forms, they would rather continue oppressing their people and steal from the US and others.

    Good job Jeff, keep up the good work. And, please replace Doug Lamborn next time around.

    December 1, 2010 at 1:05 pm