Thousands of Coloradans to lose unemployment aid

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About 25,000 jobless Coloradans will lose their unemployment benefits before the holidays if Congress doesn’t extend the aid.

State officials tell KUSA-TV that the aid will stop for another 6,000 people per week for the next few weeks if Congress doesn’t act. Nationwide, more than 800,000 people out of work for at least six months face being cut off immediately.

An extension of jobless benefits approved this summer expires this week.

State Department of Labor and Employment Director Don Mares says the agency is getting calls from people concerned about what’s going to happen.

-Associated Press

3 Responses to Thousands of Coloradans to lose unemployment aid

  1. Stinks before the Holidays. Is this the 99 week program they are looking to extend? I wonder what the average American pays into unemployment benefits? Was the program really created to fund unemployment for 2 years? It is somewhat offensive to use the holiday period to create a greater sense of sympathy. Ninety-nine months seems more than sufficient regardless of when someone’s 99 weeks end.

    December 1, 2010 at 12:02 pm

  2. The folks whose benefits are expiring have already had 99 weeks of eligibility. That’s two years of unemployment insurance! If you can’t get some kind of job in two years, you don’t need unemployment insurance, you need welfare. I’m all for a social safety net, but those who can should work. If they can’t get a job on their own they need to move to workfare. This may sound harsh, but it’s not. It’s in their own and society’s best interest.

    December 1, 2010 at 3:06 pm

  3. Regarding unemployment in CO:
    9News (and many media outlets) continues to report mis-leading and inaccurate information about the unemployment conditions in the state.
    email I sent to 9News this morning:

    With all due respect to each and every one of you at 9News,

    Where did 9News get their information? There are 150,000 people in CO affected by the unwillingness of Congress to extend UI. There are already 26,000+ in CO who have already exhausted all UI benefits…this number is growing daily. I got my data directly from the CDLE.

    In addition, WHY does every single report I read about extending unemployment benefits IGNORE the fact that there are already 4-5 MILLION people who have exhausted all benefits?
    These are called the 99ers – and there is no bill other than S3706, the Americans Want to Work Act (which has been stalled in the Senate Finance Committee for months) – that includes the 99ers.
    Why is it that all media, all so-called homelessness and poverty advocacy groups such as NELP, 9to5, etc seem to be only concerned about those unemployed workers who were laid off later in this recession? The people who got laid off at the top of the recession just don’t matter? 4-5 million people just don’t matter in this country?

    Please – do some COMPLETE and accurate reporting on the number of people affected by Congress’ unwillingness to extend unemployment benfits – and stop ignoring one of the most important facts about the need to extend UI benefits – for ALL American workers whose lives have been destroyed as a result of this jobless economic meltdown – complete, fair and accurate reporting would be a very refreshing change indeed. You are reporting informaiton about people LIVES – not your lives – the lives of unemployed workers who have lost everything as a result of this recession. To what end – for what purpose – does it serve to under-report, mis-report or flat out NOT report the true facts about the hundreds of thousands of unemployed in CO who are continuing – still suffering – in a state is underperforming the pathetic growth seen in the country as a whole? Please explain to me what purpose – what benefit there is to continue this type of reporting?

    I have asked the CDLE where this information may be coming from; it certainly does not coincide with the information I am receiving from the CDLE – the people who are processing the UI claims as well as sending the payments – to far more than 25,000 unemployed Colorado workers.

    I am so tired, and frankly so outraged by this kind of reporting in CO. It is wrong, it is unfair – and in my view asnd based on data I’ve received from the CDLE it is completely inaccurate.

    Denver Unemployment Examiner

    Denver Unemployment Examiner
    December 2, 2010 at 9:09 am