Business community should pick candidate now

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Come April 6, Colorado Springs will have a new “strong mayor.”

The push to change the city’s governance structure to a strong-mayor form was led by some of the most prominent leaders in the business community, namely Nor’wood Development Group’s father-son duo Dave and Chris Jenkins.

They pushed to get the charter change question on November’s ballot and they pushed to get it passed by voters, spending more than $500,000 of their own money on the campaign.

Now, there are as many as seven candidates running for mayor, but the Jenkins haven’t told us whom they might support. They’ve made no endorsements, and neither has the Chamber of Commerce nor the Economic Development Corp. nor anyone else that represents business interests.

What’s going on?

It’s hard to believe that all that time and money was spent on the strong-mayor initiative only to have the business community struggling to find a person whom it feels comfortable supporting.

Time is running out, and the business community appears to be at a stalemate. Thus far, there have only been rumors and rumblings about closed-door meetings and bargaining for support.

Is the business community really so fragmented that it can’t agree on whom its candidate will be?

Is everyone merely peering out from the trenches waiting to see what the Jenkins will do?

The city and business community have come this far, we can’t afford to lose the momentum to elect a mayor who can be trusted to tend to business.

Yes, we’re heading into the holidays and voters aren’t giving the race their full attention. But there’s not much time between now and early spring, and we can’t afford to allow fringe candidates to dominate the debate.

There’s a lot at stake in this race, and it’s the business community that stands to lose the most.

Let’s pick our guy (or gal) and get moving.