Marijuana caregivers under Colo. scrutiny

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Medical marijuana caregivers are under scrutiny from state health authorities.

A task force for the state health department starts work Wednesday on how to determine that a caregiver has “significant responsibility” for a patient.

The change is part of a state law and is designed to cut down on sham caregiver designations in which a caregiver doers nothing more than sell pot to the patient.

The panel is also taking up a dispute over which doctors can recommend pot and how to add new ailments to the list of conditions that qualifies a patient for marijuana.

The hearing will include brief public testimony.

One Response to Marijuana caregivers under Colo. scrutiny

  1. “significant responsibility”?… The 420 community needs to show up strong for this.

    US Cannabis
    December 9, 2010 at 10:41 am