Penrose, RMCC finalize partnership agreement

Penrose St. Francis Health Services and Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers have entered a new partnership.

The two announced the plan earlier this year and it was just finalized. It gives the organizations the ability to provide patients with multi-disciplinary care and access to new technology.

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers was formerly housed at Penrose, but moved out more than 20 years ago to become independent. The new agreement allows the center to operate a medical oncology clinic at Penrose, in addition to its main clinic on Circle Drive. Both office visits and chemotherapy will take place at each location. Its Fontanero office will close in January. Penrose’s medical oncology doctor will be an employee of RMCC, but will continue to work at Penrose.

All radiation oncology services – cyber knife, seed implants and external beam radiation – will be provided at the Penrose Cancer Center, and doctors now at RMCC will be employed by Penrose.

“We have noticed that, in the past, many cancer patients may have received part of their care from both organizations,” said Margaret Sabin, president and CEO of Penrose-St. Francis. “This new partnership will allow us to work together more closely to enhance our services.”