Hickenlooper inauguration: Jobs a priority

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Gov. John Hickenlooper says he will sign executive orders promoting jobs as one of his first orders of business.

In his inaugural address on Tuesday, Hickenlooper said one of the orders will require the state to partner with local communities in creating jobs and designing economic plans for those communities.

The second will emphasize global opportunities and create the Governor’s Trade and Tourism Ambassador Program.

Hickenlooper is promising to enlist Colorado businesses and people in other states and countries who have a stake in Colorado to spread the word that Colorado welcomes innovation and new investment.

The final order will help counties cut red tape.

One Response to Hickenlooper inauguration: Jobs a priority

  1. Hick!

    Primary industry! Bring primary industry to Colorado. Think tanks. Manufacturing. That will get money flowing into Colorado. We have a lot of restaurants, insurance agents, real estate agents, car repair, etc. These secondary industries are great to circulate money within the state.

    What quality of life can we provide to companies headquartered outside Colorado to attract them here? What kind of tax breaks will you negotiate with companies to attract them? More wages means more consumer spending which means more TAXES for you to squander!

    Christopher Colvin
    January 11, 2011 at 2:14 pm