Ramtron has minor management shakeup

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Colorado Springs-based Ramtron International Corp., a semiconductor supplier and developer, shuffled its management positions this week, including announcing the resignation of its COO Robert Djokovich.

The company gave no reason for Djokovich’s resignation, but only said it did not intend to name a replacement for the position.

Djokovich’s responsibilities will fall to Mary Chu, the newly appointed vice president of operations, with executive oversight by CEO Bill Staunton.

Michael Hollabaugh was also promoted to chief marketing officer for the company.

Chu will be responsible for expanded the company’s product supply chain capability, as well as monitoring its expenses. She has more than 30 years experience in the semiconductor experience. Before coming to Ramtron, she was vice president of operations for QSpeed Semiconductor, which was recently acquired by Power Integrations.

While at QSpeed, she led a 28 percent margin improvement in three years, through test cost reduction, ceramic cost reduction and second source assembly cost reduction.

Hollabaugh has been at Ramtron since 2003, where he was the senior vice president of marketing and sales. As chief marketing office,r he will be responsible for worldwide marketing and sales.