Snow-sport equipment sales on pace for record year

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Early snow gave the snow sports market a much needed boost in December, with the industry selling more than $1 billion worth of equipment, apparel and accessories during the month.

It’s the first time snow sport sales topped a billion dollars in a single month, and the snow sports market is on track for a record sales season.

Equipment sales continue to lead market increases, with a 22 percent increase over last season. Alpine sales are up 27 percent, and snowboard equipment is up 14 percent.

Apparel sales are strong in the early season, increasing 11 percent in dollars sold.

The weather gets the credit for the strong early sales, as La Nina conditions brought more snow across the country.

Other early season trends:

  • Snowboard sales are up 5 percent in units and 14 percent in dollars sold, a solid turnaround from last season’s relatively dismal sales.
  • Snowboard apparel tops up 16 percent in dollars sold.
  • Insulated parka sales surged 22 percent in units sold and 23 percent in dollars sold through December as La Niña conditions pounded most of the U.S. with cold temperatures and snowfall.
  • Goggles sales surge up 32 percent in units sold to 360,000 pairs.
  • Consumers are buying current season equipment and carryover sales are down 24 percent overall in the snow sports market

One Response to Snow-sport equipment sales on pace for record year

  1. My buddy lives in Utah and they do a bunch of snow sport equipment sales. He said it was a record year because they had so much snow in Utah. They’re even keeping a couple slopes open during June. This doesn’t surprise me that they have record sales.

    Gary Neal
    June 13, 2011 at 12:48 pm