Aerospace incubator seeks new start-ups

The Center for Space Entrepreneurship is seeking new incubator candidates for its eSpace Incubator program.

The center is a nonprofit business incubator and work-force development organization for aerospace start-up companies, located in Boulder.

Current participants and alumni of the incubator include creators of the flying hybrid, a Google Lunar X Prize contestant and a business that won Inventor of the Year.

The latest call for participants demonstrates the growing interest in commercial space ventures. Interest in commercial space transportation is booming, fueled by companies like Virgin Galactic, Armadillo Aerospace, Bigelow Aerospace, Blue Origin and Sierra Nevada Corp.

“eSpace serves as the liaison among industry, government and academia to develop aerospace into a more agile, entrepreneurial industry,” said Diane Dimeff, executive director of the organization. “Studies show that in the next 10 years, we’ll lose 50 percent of our workforce to retirements, and we’re committed to revitalizing the work force that will bring our space entrepreneurs’ visions to life.”

The incubator offers access to physical space, financial grants, aerospace executive mentors and aerospace infrastructure, manufacturing facilities and established relationships with high-level agency and industrial relationships.

The company also proves a venture design program that give financial grants to student design products. eSpace has spent $200,000 for far supporting 102 students in eight different projects, one of which has transitioned into the eSpace Incubator.

To get more information or to apply to join the incubator, go to or call Dimeff at 303-630-1611.