Colo.’s higher tag fees will likely stay in place

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Who doesn’t hate car registration fees? Colorado’s drivers have been paying – and complaining about – higher tag fees and late registration penalties for the last two years to pay for road improvements.

Republicans have vowed to tackle the unpopular FASTER fees passed in 2009. A committee in the Republican House on Thursday took the first steps, voting to ratchet back higher late fees that raise some $25 million a year for transportation projects. Republicans say to expect more attempts to chip away at the unpopular fees.

But with the state facing another year of budget shortfalls, and many state roads and bridges in need of repair, what are the prospects for getting rid of the fees? Not likely, Democrats say.

One Response to Colo.’s higher tag fees will likely stay in place

  1. Governor Ritter even stated he thought the higher registration on trailers was unfair. I have one trailer i use to haul hay. This trailer is used twice a year and never over 60 miles both way. I have to pay $40.00 extra to use this trailer? I have a atv trailer I use about once every two years and have the same penalty just do not feel this is fair.

    R Kearns
    February 3, 2011 at 4:48 pm