AF Academy told to cut enrollment to save money

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The Air Force Academy is accepting fewer new cadets under a mandate to reduce the size of the student body by about 9 percent to save money.

Lt. Gen. Michael Gould, the academy superintendent, says the Air Force ordered the school to reduce enrollment to 4,000 by Oct. 1, 2012, from about 4,400 today.

Gould says this fall’s freshman class will be 1,120, down from about 1,285 last fall. The 2012 freshman class will be about 1,050.

Gould spoke to cadets about the cuts late last month. His comments were made public last week.

Academy officials said last month they expect a budget cut of about $41 million, or 12.2, percent for the current fiscal year as the government tries to rein in spending.

One Response to AF Academy told to cut enrollment to save money

  1. So, if I’m doing the math right, the USAFA budget equates to $84,017 per student, per year (not including the military personnel costs associated with the cadets or other military personnel on base, which come from the central Air Force budget.)

    Annual cost for MIT: $49,142 per student, per year (including books and fees).
    Harvard: $48,675
    Stanford: $49,344
    Colorado $38,564 (out of state)

    Sure, USAFA includes basic instruction in flight, parachuting, etc. but, are we getting THAT much better an officer? We could educate 2 times as many at elite universities. Probably 3-4 times more at state colleges.

    February 7, 2011 at 6:30 pm