Bennet urges passing aviation bill that cuts delays

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Sen. Michael Bennet is pushing a bill that will modernize the nation’s air transportation system and cut flight delays.

The reauthorization bill for the Federal Aviation Administration cuts costly delays by more than 20 percent at the nation’ airports, according to a press release from Bennet’s office.

“The bill will help make air travel more reliable and ensure that Colorado’s airports, big and small, continue to be economic engines for our state and communities,” he said.

More than 15 percent of all flights at the Colorado Springs airport left late last year

The total costs of all air transportation delays in 2007 was $32.9 billion, including a $16.7 billion cost to passengers, according to the National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research.

Bennet said the bill will not only prevent delays, but create and keep about 280,000 jos nationwide by improving infrastructure.