Springs airport receives $400,000 state grant

The Colorado Springs Municipal Airport has received a grant from the Colorado Department of Aviation’s Division of Aeronautics for snow removal.

The $400,000 grant will be used to partially fund the purchase of three pieces of equipment the airport needs to replace this year, said Gisela Shanahan, the airport’s assistant director of aviation for finance and administration.

The equipment – in the airport’s snow removal equipment and fleet program – slated for replacement this year are a front-end loader for snow removal, a runway plow truck and a runway snow blower, which will cost $1.3 million.

After the state grant is applied to the purchases, the remaining $900,000 will be funded by passenger facility charges.

These charges come from the Federal Aviation Administration fee attached to each ticket purchased, which is collected by airlines and then remitted to the airport where the passenger originated, Shanahan said.

In 1991, state legislation designated that aviation fuel taxes be funneled back to the state’s public-use airports.

Since then, 65 percent of those taxes have been returned to airports in the form of regular entitlement funds. And through the Colorado Discretionary Grant Program, the remaining 35 percent of tax revenue has been used for capital equipment, maintenance and developmental needs for airports.