El Paso County survey: More public transit

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El Paso County residents want more public transportation.

In a countywide survey by the Future of Regional Transit Steering Committee, 44 percent favored adding more options such as public transportation and bicycle lanes, while 35 percent wanted more highway capacity.

The survey was conducted by the Kenney Group during late January and canvassed more than 400 active voters in El Paso County.

Other findings from the survey:

– 64 percent said public transportation services should be increased.
– 42 percent gate Mountain Metropolitan Transit high ratings.
– 30 percent believe keeping the transit provide under the control of the city of Colorado Springs was a good idea.
– More than 60 percent want a dedicated funding source for public transit, with 66 percent favoring a dedicated sales tax.

“These survey results indicate significant support for a regional approach to public transit,” said Manitou Springs Mayor Marc Snyder, chairman of the steering committee. “Not only is there regional support for service, but there’s considerable support for increasing service to levels that existed before the economy dictated significant transit cuts.”

The committee will next craft a recommendation to the Colorado Springs City Council that reflects the results of the survey.

The next meeting takes place at 1 p.m. Friday, March 4 at the Mountain Metropolitan Transit administration building, 1015 Transit Drive.

To see the complete results of the survey, click here.