Consumer Advocate launches Springs radio show

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The Consumer Advocate Inc. has launched a radio show in Colorado Springs.

The show will air weekdays from 10 to 11a.m. on KCSF 1300 AM, The Sports Animal.

Laurie White, host of the radio show, said the purpose of the show is to address consumer concerns, answer consumer questions and discuss local, state and national consumer issues with experts.

“Our purpose is … to provide a sounding board for the average consumer who oftentimes feels like they have no voice,” said Michael Satterfield, Consumer Advocate’s president and chief investigator.  “We fight for the rights of the consumer.”

The show aims to research both sides of consumer complaints, provide mediation and resolution in disputed cases and investigate and promote new and small businesses.

Companies cannot buy endorsements, but must undergo a stringent evaluation, Satterfield  said.

For more information, or to view a list of locally owned businesses and their consumer ratings, visit

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