NASA approves Dynetics’s propulsion system

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Dynetics’ propulsion system has been approved for flight on NASA’s next fee-flying lander known as the robotic lander prototype.

The prototype is designed to affordably and responsively test candidate flight software, electronics, guidance and sensors to be used on near-term robotic exploration systems like asteroids, the moon and beyond.

Dynetics designed he system as a “safe and green” alternative to accomplish missions in the future. The system provides propulsion for vertical take-off and landings, as well as the ability to provide pitch, roll and yaw maneuvers.

Its’ the second flight testing article provided by the company. Its lunar lander test bed has completed 150 flights.

The landers use a 90 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide propellant. Its thruster reduces the gravity effects of flying a moon-based system architecture on the earth. It can throttle down as propellants are consumed and maintain a gravity equivalent on the system.