Local company will lead city branding effort, results due in October

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The Colorado Springs mayoral task force to develop a citywide brand will spend $80,000 for local branding company, Stone Mantel, to lead them through the process of creating a brand.

The money will come from the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau. Its CEO, Doug Price, told city council members today that the process would be complete by mid-October.

“This company isn’t going to create the brand for us,” he said. “That’s up to us to do, as a community – and we’re hoping to bring a lot of different people to the table. But they are going to walk us through the process. They aren’t an advertising agency, they’re a branding group.”

Price told the council that the CVB sent out 19 requests for proposals and received nine responses.

“We think having a local company is important,” he said. “They’ll understand the community; understand the way we operate here.”

Stone Mantel isn’t an advertising agency, he said. They specialize in brand strategies.

The company list  Campbell Soup, the City of Anchorage, Alaska, and Eli Lilly as former clients. They also have worked with Hewlett Packard, Novo Nordisk and the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.

The committee plans to meet May 23 with the seven members of the task force, as well as about 30 additional people. Then, in July, they’ll hold a meeting and look at three possible brands for the city.

“And by mid-October, we’ll be ready to come back and present the brand to you,” Price said.

4 Responses to Local company will lead city branding effort, results due in October

  1. I said this a while back, save the $80,000, and brand us (Colorado Springs) as the Olympic City.

    Sport and wellness concept.

    As Tim Leigh might say,(although he hasn’t yet), you’re going to get there anyway.

    Jack Kerr

    jack kerr
    May 9, 2011 at 3:05 pm

  2. So who are the 37 people on this committee? $80,000 to just ‘facilitate’ trying to decide what our brand should be? I guess it’s probably expensive to get 37 people to agree on something (or anything, for that matter….)

    One definition of a consultant: A self-proclaimed expert with an empty briefcase, that’ll tell you what you already know, and then charge you for it……..

    One definition of branding: The way I can tell my cows, from your cows………

    So a branding consultant would be someone who is going to charge me when he tells me what my cows look like.

    I’ll like to have a job like that……….

    John Whitten
    May 9, 2011 at 3:18 pm

  3. Local company? So Castle Rock is now considered local? Are you KIDDING ME?! We have enormous talent throughout many “branding” agencies right here in Colorado Springs. Groups that live here, work here, contribute to and understand OUR community. I’ll take a shot in the dark and guess that this was an “inside deal”.

    $80,000 to come up with an idea about how we should advertise ourselves? Are you KIDDING ME?! And this agency isn’t even going to provide us with the creative after they come up with the “big idea”? For $80,000?! Who’s job will it be to produce the creative in the end? Who’s job will it be to manage this brand in the end?

    Listen local government, get your act together, work on presenting this city as the Olympic/sports city! Period. We payed dearly to retain the Olympic committee. Let’s friggin’ use it! Can you imagine what other cities would pay to have what WE ALREADY HAVE? We’re getting smoked by cities like Austin, Albuquerque and Oklahoma City! Those cities understand that they need to invest in their future, in their communities. Apparently we don’t, er… we need to spend $80,000 to let someone else explain the obvious. Who are these numb-skulls on the “branding task force”? And what specific branding experience do they have on their resumes???

    And for crying out loud, it would cost $100 to print a banner that says “Welcome to Colorado Springs, home of the USOC” and stick it on our I-25 welcome sign in time for the US Open. The “branding task force” said that this would be too costly and time consuming. I’ll front the cost for the banner and and hang it up myself. C’mon!

    May 10, 2011 at 9:20 am

  4. Oh, good. Another highly-paid consulting firm gets to come in tell us that it’s sunny here, we have a big mountain, and we should do more to leverage the USOC.

    In what way will this effort different from Colorado Springs 6035 or Dream City 2020 or any of another dozen efforts we’ve wasted money over the last 15 years?

    It won’t be… you can’t brand a city with an identity crisis. We may wish we had a thriving business and cultural environment here, but we don’t. We wish UCCS was a destination university, but it’s not. We wish the broader community supported local government, but that’s not the case. We wish we were diverse and eclectic, but we’re mostly white, mostly conservative, and largely Christian..

    Stone Mantel will facilitate a process designed to help us discover some secret truth about Colorado Springs that we’ve just never seen before… some magic bullet that will make us feel like the cool kids up in Boulder, bringing a flood of investors, students, artists and entrepreneurs to our doors.

    I wish them luck.

    Jim Knutsen
    May 10, 2011 at 11:00 am