Former USOC chief Streeter paid $163,000 after leaving job

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The U.S. Olympic Committee paid another $163,000 to Stephanie Streeter in 2010 even though she had effectively stepped down as the organization’s CEO in October of the previous year.

The federation filed tax reports today, stating that Streeter and the person she replaced, Jim Scherr, received a combined total of $279,000 during a year in which Scott Blackmun took over as CEO. Scherr’s $116,252 was part of a severance package he agreed to in March 2009 when he was surprisingly replaced.

Blackmun’s total compensation, which includes benefits, was $638,407. Despite the money that went to CEOs not working for the USOC, the federation paid 49 percent less to that position than in 2009. Streeter’s total compensation in 2009 was $1.006 million and Scherr received $801,000 in salary and severance.