Few Springs projects on CDOT list

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The expansion of Woodmen Road is one of only a few Colorado Springs projects that will receive funding from state transportation money.

The Colorado Department of Transportation approved its Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan last week, a six-year list of priority projects, but few jobs were listed for Colorado Springs.

The plan includes funding outlooks for the expansion of Woodman Road between Powers Boulevard and Interstate 25 and for a study of capacity on Highway 24 between I-25 and Manitou Springs, which has been under way since 2004.

Other than those projects, there is scant attention given to the Pikes Peak region.

CDOT forwarded the newly-approved statewide plan to the Federal Highway Administration for final approval and it will be implemented July 1.

The plan covers years 2012 to 2017 and lays out all major roads projects in the state that could take place in that timeframe.

And, if it’s not in the plan, it won’t ever be a reality.

“There really is no such thing as ‘not in the STIP,’” said Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments policy manager Jason Wilkinson. “You don’t just start building a road. You don’t take on any major transportation project without it being on the STIP.”

While the plan does not include maintenance and basic projects funded entirely with city dollars or any of the slightly more extensive road works supported by the Public Safety Sales Tax, a 1-cent tax approved by Springs voters in 2001, it does include anything big enough to warrant federal or state money.

The biggest project in Colorado Springs that’s on the state plan is the Woodman Road expansion, most of which is already finished.

Dave Polling, a program engineer for the department of transportation, said the project benefited from more than $35 million in Federal Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds. But as the project wraps up, its big funding dwindles down to nothing by 2014, according to the plan.

The capacity and environmental impact study of Highway 24 has received more than $8 million in funding, Poling said.

The study is expected to wrap up later this year.

The department will then begin working on building a new I-25 exit at Cimmarron Street, which will require the department to gain right-of-way access, Poling said, and could take some time.

Poling said that the plan also divvies money out to the different regions for maintenance projects. Poling said the transportation department will probably begin resurfacing the entire length of Powers Blvd. from the airport to Woodman Road next summer.

The department will also use about $11 million to construct six missing bridges at intersections along the northern corridor of Powers.

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  1. Well of course El Paso County is under-represented in funds — it’s a conservative strong-hold. Money for liberal counties only, get to the back of the bus.

    Pat Jahla
    June 1, 2011 at 11:13 am