McDonald’s to replace Flintridge location

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The McDonald’s at Flintridge Drive is being torn down – only to be replaced with a new building.

“We purchased the building a couple years ago and have been wanting to do this for some time,” owner Charlie Golding said.

He said the McDonald’s at 4801 N. Academy opened in 1972 and hasn’t been spruced up since. The new store will be more contemporary and comfortable for customers, Golding said.

The play area will be smaller and the drive-through more efficient, he said.

“You can remodel an old building like that and do a lot of things,” Golding said. “But the infrastructure. You can’t really change the infrastructure.”

Golding and his wife Barb own seven McDonald’s stores in Colorado Springs and the one at Flintridge and Academy was the oldest, Golding said. It was also the only one that had a basement.

He is working with Christofferson Commercial Builders, a local Colorado Springs company, to build the new McDonald’s. Golding said he expects the new building to be up and open to the public by late October or early November.

“It is fast,” Golding said. “The faster the better.”

He said he anticipates that the Academy Boulevard Corridor will continue to grow more popular as more businesses make improvements.

“We’re betting on the future of that corridor,” Golding said.