Kittle takes on job to make city more efficient

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Nick Kittle has been chosen to be the city’s innovation and sustainability manager, reporting to chief of staff Steve Cox. It’s the second new position created by Steve Bach since he became mayor this spring.

Kittle’s new job is to streamline many of the city’s processes and policies, making it easier and more efficient for businesses to work with the city. Businesses have long complained about long delays and unnecessary paperwork when dealing with city government.

As creator of EasySubmittals, the first electronic construction approval process in the nation, Kittle will also coordinate grant applications and city contracts with outside vendors.

He will also be responsible for creating a comprehensive program to consolidate services and use new technologies to make the city work more efficiently, said Mary Scott, senior communications specialist for the city government.

“Examining the true cost of doing business and striking the right balance between contracted and in-house service in key to maintaining the organization’s fiscal health,” Kittle said. “We want to ensure that services are being provided in the most efficient way possible.”

Kittle has worked for the city since 2004. He has a bachelor of science in industrial management from Purdue University and an MBA from the University of Colorado. He worked for British Petroleum, PricewaterhouseCoopers and El Paso Natural Gas.

Kittle will make $110,333 in the new position, the same salary he made as team leader of the city’s public works department.

Kittle’s move to sustainability manager marks a change in several positions in city government. Nancy Johnson will now be the director of parks, public works and planning, consolidating three departments into one. The management positions for planning and public works have been vacant.