City, county receive annual severance tax payment

El Paso County and Colorado Springs will receive part of a $54.6 million annual severance tax and federal mineral lease direct distribution payment made by companies that extract minerals and energy from the state.

El Paso County will receive $16,179.29 and $17,609. 47 from the state’s Department of Local Affairs. Last year’s distribution to Colorado communities was $37 million.

El Paso County and Colorado Springs were two of 506 Colorado counties, municipalities and school districts.

The state distributes payments, which are derived from energy and mineral extraction statewide.

“This direct distribution of energy impact funds is an important resource for local governments,” Gov. John Hickenlooper said. “These funds help make vital, day-to-day operations possible, ensure needed public improvement projects become reality and bolster government services offered to local communities.”

Direct distribution is based on the number of employees in the energy-impacted communities in which they resided and the following factors: permits, production, employee residence, population and highway user miles.

Genoa received the largest lump sum from the severance tax, more than $2 million.