Colorado Springs bike map on sale at local shops

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A Colorado Springs bike map, developed the city of Colorado Springs, is on sale now and details which roads are the most bicycle-friendly.

The comprehensive bike map shows roads with bike lanes and/or paved shoulders and also color-codes roads without any bike lanes or paved shoulders by volume of motor vehicle traffic.

The map was developed by the city with money from the a federal Transportation Enhancements grant and the city’s Bicycle Excise Tax, which is collected on the sale of all new bicycles within the city limits.

The map details off-street multi-use trails and any street grade above 6 percent is noted. The map also designates roundabout locations, transit transfer stations, park and ride lots, bike shop locations, police and fire stations, and major destinations, such as schools, colleges and shopping centers. It also includes information on bicycle safety, rules, and resources and how to transport your bike on Mountain Metropolitan Transit.

Maps are $7.95 at several bike shops including:

  • Angletech/Cycle Different, 1483 Garden of the Gods Road
  • Colorado Springs Bike Shop, 622 W. Colorado Avenue
  • Criterium Bike Shop, 6150 Corporate Drive
  • CS West Bike Shop, 2403 W. Colorado Avenue
  • MacVan Maps, 929 W. Colorado Avenue
  • Old Town Bike Shop, 426 S. Tejon Street
  • Pro Cycling, 600 S. 21st Street
  • Trails and Open Space Coalition, 1040 S. 8th Street