Woman of Influence: Aileen Barrios

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Aileen Barrios, Vectra Bank

Teamwork has been a recurring theme in the life and career of Vectra Bank Senior Vice President Aileen Berrios. From her days as a starting forward on the Palmer High School women’s basketball team to her mentoring of other women in business to her co-founding of the Southern Colorado Government Contracting Forum, she has shown a clear proclivity to work with others to achieve a greater goal.

One of four children of a career Army Command Sergeant Major, Berrios was born and lived abroad on military bases until 1973, when the family landed in Colorado Springs. Sports helped her acclimate to Palmer High School. She played volleyball and ran track, but basketball was her passion.

“We had a team that got along really well. We weren’t great, but we had a blast!” she says. That sense of teamwork would always be important to her.

In 2005, Vectra ($2.37 billion in assets) hired her, giving her greater responsibilities than she’d ever taken on. Today, she focuses on loans in excess of $1 million, specializing in government contracting, company financing, real estate acquisition, development, construction, and permanent financing for both commercial and residential projects.

“This bank is the perfect fit for me,” she said. “It’s small enough to have a great team to work with, but large enough that you can do some wonderful things in the community.”

She’s perhaps proudest of her role in the launch of the Southern Colorado Government Contracting Forum. Established in 2010, SCGC provides an opportunity for leaders to discuss strategies and best practices to ease decision making and help overcome the most critical issues impacting government contracting businesses.

In her daily work life, Berrios has always looked for opportunities to mentor other women on their way up in the world. “That’s always been a passion of mine,” she says. “Women still do not have the support and camaraderie that men offer one another.”