Prettier streets the job of new Streetscapes Solution Team

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The city of Colorado Springs wants prettier streets, but doesn’t want to spend taxpayer money on them.

So, Mayor Steve Bach created the Streetscapes Solution Team, which will explore options on how exactly to make that happen. The team, made up of community leaders and city staff members, will explore what other cities do to maintain streets and the ctiy’s appearance.

They’ll also take a look at how existing revenue is spent, to determine if there are “more effective and efficient” uses of that money. They’re looking for ways to create landscaping in neighborhoods that is both low maintenance and sustainable. They’ll also be asking for volunteers and corporate sponsors.

The team is headed by Dave Munger, president of the Council of Neighbors and Organizations; Tim Siebert of NES, a local land-use firm; John Olson, local landscape architect, Sarah Bryarly, city landscape architect; and Ann Seymour, Colorado Springs Utilities water conservation manager.