Work place deaths lower in 2010

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Eighty people died in work place injuries last year, a slight drop from 2009, reports the Bureau of labor Statistics.

It’s the second lower total of deaths since the BLS started collecting data, nearly two decades ago.

Nationwide, more than 4,500 people died at work, about the same level as in 2009. However, those totals represent some of the lowest figures in the history of the survey.

Highway accidents are the most frequent type of workplace fatalities in Colorado, accounting for 17 deaths. Fatalities due to self-inflicted injuries rose to 11 in 2010, up from nine in 2009. Ten people died from being struck by an object or equipment, and falls accounted for another 10 deaths.

Highway accidents were also the leading cause of workplace deaths nationally, followed by homicides and falls.

2001 proved to be the most deadly year since the report was taken. Nearly 140 people died in the state that year, mostly due to highway deaths and self-inflicted injuries.

Other statistics:

– Men account for 90 percent of work-related deaths in the state.

– 74 percent of those who died from workplace injuries were white, non-Hispanics.

– Workers 25 to 54 accounted for 54 percent of the state’s work deaths.

– Of the 80 workers who suffered occupational fatalities last year, 74 percent worked for wages and the remaining were self-employed.

– Agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting and retail trade had the largest number of worker fatalities. Construction came in second.