Debt management company pays $594,000 to state for violations

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Colorado Attorney General John Suthers obtained a $594,000 judgment against Thomas Roland for his role in defrauding Colorado consumers, according to a report from the AG’s office.

The judgment follows a similar $594,000 settlement handed down in August against Enhanced Services Solutions after the company engaged in unregistered debt management services for Colorado consumers. The agreement was 5504,000 in fines and $90,000 in consumer restitution.

The final judgment, for an additional $594,000 against Roland personally, also bars him from collecting payments on prior debt management contracts.

The company provided ‘back-end” debt management services for the Johnson Law Group, another Orlando, Fla—based company the AG recently filed a consumer protection lawsuit against. Roland and his company failed to register with the state to comply with the Colorado Debt Management Services Act and did not respond to a January 2011 subpoena.