State and local leaders meet for Jobs Renaissance summit

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State and local leaders will meet Nov. 3 in Colorado Springs to discuss jobs.

Billed as a “Jobs Renaissance” the goal of the summit is to share concrete ideas on how the state can create new jobs, said Karl Dakin, one of the event organizers and executive director, Sullivan chair for free enterprise at Regis University.

The jobs summit is co-hosted by the Coalition for a Prosperous America, a national organization that works on regulation and policy that affects businesses. About 50 folks are expected for the round-table discussion which will focus on creating jobs, revitalizing manufacturing and increasing economic growth.

“I want to put forth some ideas, changing how we do things, so those ideas can be mixed and matched with others and see if we can move in the direction of creating jobs,” Dakin said.

In 2010, job losses in El Paso County were more common than job gains, according to the Southern Colorado Economic Forum at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Construction lost 1,514 jobs, manufacturing lost 863 jobs; professional technical services lost 659 jobs and wholesale lost 499 jobs. Fred Crowley, director of the forum, will be on hand at the summit to discuss his findings and discuss ideas about how to revitalize the region.

Dakin said the Colorado Capital Congress, a public forum run through Regis University, has identified regulations that stymie business growth. For example, an antiquated regulation of the books limits the number of small investors into a business to 35. Changing that rule could allow entrepreneurs to seek small dollar amounts from more investors, which could help get more small businesses off the ground, Dakin said.

“We are looking to change the rule so more people can do a small dollar investment,” he said.

The goal of the summit, he said, is to stir the pot and inspire change.

  • The Jobs Renaissance Summit is 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Nov. 3 at Colorado College, Gaylord Hall. Cost is $25 and includes lunch. To register visit,